Frequently asked questions

go britWhat is the initial investment required for a  go brit! fish + chips franchise?

The estimated initial cost of a go brit fish + chips franchise ranges from $364,550 to $517,900, which pays for the build-out expenses as well as all other related costs associated with a turnkey opening. Part of this investment is the initial franchise fee, which is $30,000 for the first store.

Is financing available?

At this time, go brit! does not offer financing assistance. However, we are happy to recommend for third-party lenders for you to contact.

What are your advertising fees?

You are required to spend 1% of revenue on local store marketing. You may be asked to contribute an additional .5% and 1.5% into the Brand Development Fund and the Cooperative Advertising respectively if and when they are established.

What is required to become a go brit! franchisee?

We are looking for franchisees with outgoing personalities, outstanding work-ethic, passion for customer service, and a love of fish and chips, who have a minimum net worth of $400K and $200K in liquid assets. Restaurant experience and a British connection strongly preferred.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term of you go brit! agreement is 10 years, with 2 renewal-options of 5 years each.

Does go brit! fish + chips provide training?

You will receive both in-store and classroom training for all aspects of your go brit! business including food preparation, sales and marketing techniques, as well as administrative and office matters. We will also provide support prior to, during and after you open your own location.

What is the franchising royalty?

There is a 5% royalty on net sales.

What is the average square footage of a go brit! franchise?

Franchised go brit! restaurants are usually between 1,800 and 2,200 square feet. However, it could be somewhat larger or smaller depending on the configuration of your specific site.

How much can I make as a go brit! franchisee?

Earnings and profit are based on several factors, including sales, costs and the franchisee’s ability to manage the business. When you are further along, we will provide you our Franchise Disclosure Document, which provides information about certain financial aspects of franchising with us.

I’m interested. What is the next step?

Great! Simply call Alison Blyth, at 302 228 8369, or send an email to